Back to School!

Melody here. When I was in college I studied graphic design. Which really does not explain how I picked up so many El. Ed. majors as friends. But somehow that started a trend for me. A number of my friends are teachers. One of them asked me to do a back to school coloring page for her a couple years back. We weren't sure how it would be received, since they were 5th graders, but they loved it! She lost that one and this year asked me to make another, so I'm posting it for her and for anyone else who could benefit from it.

I do ask that you don't try to sell it or claim it as your own, but feel free to print it and copy it as many times as you like. If you right click this photo, it won't print very nicely. Instead, click here and download it in all it's 8.5x11 inch glory.